Samsung will transfer the flagship function to available smartphones

<pre>Samsung will transfer the flagship function to available smartphones

Samsung Electronics unveiled a software-hardware imaging system with paired ISOCELL Dual cameras, reports AndroidAuthority. The main feature of such modules is the support of the portrait mode of shooting, monopoly power over which will soon cease to be the destiny of the flagships.

In addition to the “portrait” cameras, Samsung also offers a different type of systems, differing from the first ones both in design and in their characteristics. It consists of a pair of matrices with a resolution of 8 megapixels each and provides better images in low light conditions.

Despite the fact that Samsung is ready to provide partners with not only a hardware basis, but also specialized software, the responsibility for its debugging will fall on the shoulders of the manufacturers themselves. They will be able to independently change the functionality of the systems depending on their preferences.

Samsung representatives did not specify when smartphones equipped with proprietary camera systems will enter the market. It is not excluded that the company already has partners ready to conclude a supply contract with it. If this is the case, the first models with ISOCELL Dual will be on sale by the summer.

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