Scientists came up with eco-friendly plastic from wood and crab shells

<pre>Scientists came up with eco-friendly plastic from wood and crab shells

Plasmass – a durable and durable material that is used everywhere. It is so universal and inexpensive that it is difficult to replace it with something else. Meanwhile, plastic is badly decomposed, and its quantity is constantly growing, polluting the environment and the ocean. Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have found an alternative to plastic bottles and containers – a mixture of cellulose fibers and chitin.

Plain plastic consists of the finest fibers that are firmly woven together. To find fibers of the same type in living nature, while strength is combined with good decomposition, it is very difficult. For example, chitin, contained in shells of crustaceans, is one of the most enduring natural fibers in nature.

Scientists have combined chitin and cellulose using their electrical properties. As a result, a transparent film was obtained, which by 67% less oxygen passes in comparison with some forms of thermoplastic. This means that theoretically, it can maintain the freshness of food for longer. But the material loses to thermoplastic products at a cost. To make this film as cheap as possible is not yet possible, since chitin is difficult to produce in large quantities.

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