Scientists have created a flow condenser. But for time travel it can not be used

<pre>Scientists have created a flow condenser. But for time travel it can not be used

One of the most famous movies about time travel “Back to the Future” is not least remembered thanks to a damn stylish car brand DeLorean. The main part, due to which it was possible to make temporary jumps, was a flux condenser (Flux Capacitor). And he would remain just the fantasy of writers Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, if a group of scientists from Austria and Switzerland did not create a real flow condenser, the use of which for time travel is still in question, but it is useful for something else.

The new device can control the movement of the microwave signals enclosed in it. Moreover, scientists have developed not one, but two whole variants of constructing a flux capacitor: two-band and three-band. It is the latter that resembles the invention of Dr. Emmet Brown.

Scheme of a three-band flow condenser

The device uses the effect of quantum tunneling of magnetic flux around the capacitor, which breaks the principle of symmetry with respect to time reversal symmetry. But since it's about time, we should not be happy and think that we have approached the creation of a time machine. In a simplified version, this means that microwave signals simply begin to move in one particular direction. According to one of the authors of the development, Tom States,

“Our device will be very useful for the realization of quantum computing. This will require high accuracy of control over the propagation of the signal. Moreover, this technology can be used in radar systems, wireless data transmission modules, to improve the signal quality and mobile communication speed, the Internet, and so on. “

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