Scientists have taught the iPhone to define a lie as good as a polygraph

<pre>Scientists have taught the iPhone to define a lie as good as a polygraph

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen were able to teach the iPhone to recognize the lie of its owner, based on touching the display, learned CNET. The technology works on the basis of the smartphone's tools, taking into account the force of pressing the screen, the time interval between touches and their number.

As part of the first experiment conducted by scientists, participants were asked to lie or tell the truth about what color is displayed on the screen of the smartphone. Liars took more time to respond by choosing an option on the display than to those who chose to remain honest, the study authors state.

In the second experiment, the participants received a sum of money, half of which was offered to transfer the opponent. Those who decided to lie and give less, thought about longer than those who immediately translated 50%. The third experience was based on the game of dice. Pravdoruby, unlike liars, pressed the screen more strongly, trying to get to the center.

The authors of the research report that the accuracy with which the smartphone defines a lie is comparable to the polygraph. According to them, the described algorithms can by default be integrated by companies into online applications for employment, thus eliminating liars, and in bank forms – to identify dishonest borrowers.

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