Scientists of Ghana have found a way to combat child pneumonia with the help of beads

<pre>Scientists of Ghana have found a way to combat child pneumonia with the help of beads

According to WHO in 2015, pneumonia became the cause of 16% of deaths of children under the age of 5 years. More precisely, its neglected cases, when the disease failed to diagnose in time, which is the main problem for countries such as Ghana. Local residents are not so educated and disciplined to ensure the prevention of the disease, to study the symptoms on their own and consult a doctor before it is too late.

The main symptoms of pneumonia are fever, rapid breathing, coughing and other problems associated with breathing. Mothers should be able to quickly, by analogy with the pulse test, analyze the nature of the child's breathing, identify dangerous patterns and draw conclusions. To this end, Ghana scientists have developed a technique for counting breaths and wheezing using conventional beads and simple mathematics.

Beads are used in beads and Muslims, and Christians, it is all an acceptable cultural symbol. They are convenient to carry with you – the kit is a one-minute timer, on which you can put a child's breathing handwriting with beads. Here we use a traffic light color code: if the red beads prevail in the line, you need to run to the doctor. Yellow – a sign of danger, a green pattern will calm the mother's heart.

The training on the beads account takes 4-8 weeks, after which the efficiency of recognition of pneumonia signs increases to 85%. The most important, according to the staff of the main hospital in Accra, the capital of Ghana, that now there is a rational redistribution of duties. Moms diagnose the disease themselves and treat only children who really need it, the doctors, instead of servicing huge queues, can concentrate on their basic work.

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