Short Story Dispenser helps you pass the time in the queue

<pre>Short Story Dispenser helps you pass the time in the queue

After a successful debut in France, the Short Edition postpones its idea overseas, in the US. The essence of the Short Story Dispenser device developed by her is that it gives out short literary works to people who miss them in queues so that they can spend time with more benefit and interest than looking at the smartphone. In the age of digital technology and virtual reality, it looks like a vintage know-how.

Short Story Dispenser works as a vending machine for receipts, but instead of boring characters, it prints out small stories, poems, snippets, etc. The device is connected to the database of the publication, and there – more than 13 million texts from 6800 authors. As classics of literature, such as Shakespeare and Virginia Woolf, and young writers from the vastness of the Internet.

All works are sorted into three categories: 1 minute of reading, 3 minutes or 5 minutes. The user chooses only the time and volume of the story, and then the random choice comes into effect. The material for printing is “live papyrus”, which becomes all the more durable, the longer you wash it – this provokes consumers to save and even collect tickets. Like ink, the paper is harmless to the environment.

The main advantage of Short Story Dispenser is that its services are free. The first literary automaton was installed at the Charles de Gaulle airport, by now 150 such machines are already in use throughout France. Recently the first 20 arrived in the US, and one was personally taken away by director Francis Ford Coppola, as the lead investor of the project. He put it in his cafe “Zoetrope” in San Francisco.

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