Silicone heater YABUL Cook allows you to cook food anywhere

<pre>Silicone heater YABUL Cook allows you to cook food anywhere

For decades, in many armies of the world, simple open-flame heating systems were used for cooking. Their common disadvantage is the large size and the inability to use in bad weather.

The solution to this problem was the YABUL Cook device. Inside the silicone body you can now cook almost any stroll food. Heat sources are special chemical bags that heat water (water is needed as a coolant) to 97 degrees for 10 minutes. Excess steam exits through the pressure cap in the lid.

This concept is not revolutionary. Previously, the flameless Trekmates tile and the Mealspec heating bag had been developed, where a similar technology was used. However, YABUL Cook is very compact and easily fits into a hiking backpack or bag.

The gadget can already be purchased at Kickstarter for $ 35, including five disposable warming bags and as many zippers for food or water. You can also purchase an extra set of 25 bags for $ 26 or 50 for 45.

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