Smart sensor for smartphone will determine the level of pollution of any water

<pre>Smart sensor for smartphone will determine the level of pollution of any water

Astronomers of the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) are developing a concomitant device for a smartphone, through which users will be able to determine the level of water pollution.

This was preceded by studies of the same team of astronomers and toxicologists in 2013, which resulted in the creation of a “smart” device for iSPEX smartphones (Spectropolarimeter for Planetary Exploration), which measures the level of air pollution. Thousands of residents of the Netherlands, Greece, Great Britain and other European countries took part in air monitoring, which resulted in a detailed map of dust particles over Europe.

The technology underlying the definition of water quality is borrowed from astronomers. With its help, they determine the presence of oxygen on other planets. With its use, there is no need to send samples of water, air or products to the laboratory for expensive studies.

Water studies have their own characteristics. So the color of water is affected by several factors. For example, a strong wind raises mud from the bottom, and the clouds that close the sun make the water darker. Participants are encouraged to photograph the sky above the water to obtain more accurate results.

The technology will be tested for at least two more years. Scientists hope that they will be able to combine advanced astronomical technologies with environmental science. The result can be a simple device for measuring the level of water pollution.

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