Smart watches will protect against seizures of epilepsy

<pre>Smart watches will protect against seizures of epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the diseases that not only carries a mortal danger to a person, but it is accompanied by bouts that are repeated regularly and can occur at any time. Therefore, a person suffering from epilepsy is very important to know about the approach of an attack in advance. And Empatica recently introduced a smart watch that will warn the person in advance about the approach of the attack.

The new medical gadget is called Embrace, and unlike most similar devices, it successfully passed clinical trials and was licensed by the FDA US Food and Drug Administration). Smart Embrace clock, in addition to the already familiar medical indicators such as pulse and respiration rate, track the indicators of stress, the effect on a person's physical activity and the state of the phases of sleep. Based on the received data, hours warn the person in advance about the approach of the attack, and also notify his parents, guardians and other people whom the user will specify as proxies.

MIT professor Rosalind Picard answers for the development of the device itself. As early as 2011, working at Affectiva, released a device, the Q-sensor, which reacted to emotional excitement and thus could also be used to prevent epileptic seizures. According to Matteo Lay, one of the founders of Empatica,

“There are quite a few people with epilepsy who hide it. According to statistics, every 26th person in certain periods of life suffered from epileptic seizures. And 1% of the total population lives with epilepsy all their lives. And many people often do not want to advertise the disease, so it was important to create a device that would not give out its purpose and at the same time it would be convenient to use. “

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