Smartphones on Android attack a new banking trojan

<pre>Smartphones on Android attack a new banking trojan

Experts of the antivirus company Symantec learned about the existence of a new bank Trojan Fakebank, capable of intercepting messages and calls of the bank. Thus, scammers may pretend to be representatives of a banking organization, preventing communication with a real technical support service.


When accessing devices, the Trojan replaces the telephone numbers of the banks whose clients are the victims in order to be able to contact them on behalf of existing organizations. As a result, a familiar phone number will be displayed on the victim's smartphone screen, which is actually hidden by the attackers.

According to Symantec, the Trojan distributed via social networks and compromised sites is contained in more than 20 applications. Despite the fact that at present the attackers are oriented toward the South Korean market, there is every reason to believe that the geography of their activities can be expanded.

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