Sorry, New Switch Owners: Nintendo's eShop is Offline

<pre>Sorry, New Switch Owners: Nintendo's eShop is Offline

Nintendo's eShop is offline. Nintendo's eShop is offline.

Did anyone else see this coming? Let's set the scene: It's Christmas Day, and people all over the world. Among these gifts-socks, Cards Against Humanity expansions, and other geeky items-are likely going to be a few Nintendo Switch consoles.

So, you rip off the wrapping paper, unbox your Switch, charge it up, and fire up Nintendo's eShop-since whoever gave you the console neglected to actually buy you any games (oops). And you wait. And you wait. And the loading screen looks pretty, but this is an awfully long amount of time to wait for … boom. A message appears:

“An error has occurred.” If the problem persists, please refer to the Nintendo Support Website … “

According to numerous reports and” is it down? ” trackers, Nintendo's eShop appears to be having a bit of difficulty today. It's unclear when the issues are first started, but Nintendo chimed in on Twitter at 7:50 a.m. (PT) to provide a brief update on the issues new Nintendo device owners are experiencing today.

“We are at the forefront of Nintendo eShop. reads Nintendo's tweet.

As of 11:00 AM PT, the Nintendo eShop is still on the market, and there has been no additional update or any suggested ETA for when Nintendo might be able to get its digital store back online. We received the error code “2811-7504” when we attempted to connect, which Nintendo's Support page says, “Nintendo's official” Network Maintenance. “

Nintendo's official” Network Maintenance Information / Operational Status “site reconfirms the outage, but it also does not list any potential ETA for a fix. Instead, it simply suggests that gamers “please try again later.”


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