SpaceX is one step closer to the beginning of its manned space launches

<pre>SpaceX is one step closer to the beginning of its manned space launches

The official page of SpaceX company in “Twitter” informs that after the completion of thermovacuum and acoustic tests the Crew Dragon spacecraft arrived at Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA). This means that SpaceX has begun the final preparation of the device for its first test launch. It will be produced in unmanned mode. Within the Demonstration Mission-1 (or DM-1) mission, SpaceX will send Crew Dragon to the International Space Station. The launch is scheduled for next month.

Crew Dragon arrived in Florida this week ahead of its first flight after completing thermal vacuum and acoustic testing at @ NASA's Plum Brook Station in Ohio.

– SpaceX (@SpaceX) July 12, 2018

Can SpaceX and the NASA aerospace agency avoid delays in launching – the question. Now that the spacecraft has arrived at Cape Canaveral, it will be installed on a Falcon 9 carrier rocket, and then will be given final preparation and verification. The official launch date will be announced based on the results of these inspections.

As part of the DM-1 space mission, it is planned to launch an unmanned launch to the ISS. Crew Dragon will remain docked to the station for several weeks, after which it will return back to Earth. After that, to test security and life support systems, SpaceX is going to conduct a test for the scheduled interruption of Crew Dragon launch. Again, in the unmanned mode. If everything goes smoothly, the company will begin preparations for the first manned mission DM-2. At the moment, it is scheduled for December this year. However, outside experts agree that the manned launch of SpaceX is unlikely to take place this year.

Since the shutting down of the space shuttle program in 2011, the United States has no capacity to send a person to near-Earth orbit. At the same International Space Station, American astronauts have to fly on Russian spacecraft. The US government does not like this situation, so the aerospace agency NASA signed contracts with private companies SpaceX and Boeing to develop manned spacecraft for it. Both companies are already out for the previously planned schedule of work. According to the latest experts' forecasts, no one device will be ready for manned tests before 2019.

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