Stack Rock Fort is a British island fortress for sale

<pre>Stack Rock Fort is a British island fortress for sale

The island-fortress Stack Rock-Fort, located on one of the islands off the coast of Milford Haven, that in South Wales, a very interesting story. In his time, Thomas Cromwell shortly before the execution of Henry VIII in 1539, proposed to build a fortress on this place. However, more than three centuries passed before it was finally built in 1852. It became an integral part of the protective shaft from a chain of similar island fortresses in the path of a possible invasion of Napoleon III's fleet to Britain. Fortunately, before the war, the matter never came to the end.

Later the fort turned into a residential house, where up to 150 people lived during its heyday, and the interior of the premises fully corresponded to the requirements of its time.

 Rock Fort Fortress

Currently, the island fort is in a dilapidated, abandoned state and unsuitable for life. According to experts, it can be purchased for 400 thousand pounds (535 thousand dollars), which is about 2 times cheaper than a house in the elite area of ​​London. However, it has more significant drawbacks than natural isolation.

 Rock Fort Fortress

To restore a dilapidated building, considerable funds will be required. But that's not all. Stack Rock-Fort appears on the lists of historical monuments and even if funds are found for its restoration as a residential building, a special permit will be required, excluding any “amateur” activity of new owners.

 Rock Fort Fortress

There are also more original proposals, in particular, to turn Stack Rock-Fort into a bomb-shelter, into a unique building or proclaim on its “base” its own, independent island state. In short, Stack Rock-Fort has good prospects.

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