Steam Threatens to Remove Anime-Style Adult Games

<pre>Steam Threatens to Remove Anime-Style Adult Games

Steam on to cracking down on games with anime-style art and sexual content.

On Thursday, several game developers tweeted that Steam had flagged their products for porn and ordered them to remove the problematic content. If they did not, their titles would be pulled from the platform.

I've received an e-mail from Valve stating that HuniePop violates the rules & guidelines for pornographic content on Steam and will be removed from the store unless the game is updated to remove said content.

– HunieDev (@HuniePotDev) May 17, 2018

We have been informed of the content of the game. We are going to engage in talks with Valve at the same time.

– Sekai Project (@sekaiproject) May 18, 2018

The developers say they have two weeks to fix the problems, even though their adult-oriented games have been on digital store for months, if not years.

All of the affected titles feature anime-drawn characters and some nudity. Many also contain overtly sexual imagery. But the content has little been a secret; to abide by Steam's policies, the games have been labeled to say.

In addition, Steam has a category specifically devoted to games with sexual content.

Why is the platform? Valve, the company behind the digital store, has not commented. Although pornography is not permitted on the platform, the adult content has been appropriately labeled and “age-gated” is, according to Steam's own guidelines. That's provided for leeway for certain adult-oriented games on the store, some of which have gained thousands of positive reviews.

One publisher, MangaGamer, said it was taken “great pains” to run its own title by Valve. But now it appears that at least eight games will be affected by the upcoming crackdown.

In a tweet, the developer Lupiesoft said Steam was singling out anime-style games for sexual content, and “have been left unscathed” by the upcoming change.

“The games are being pulled simply because they look a certain way and there is a stigma behind the look of a game,” the developer added.

However, Steam is not the only platform to take a stricter stance on porn in recent months. Back in October, crowdfunding service Patreon also unveiled new rules against porngraphy, causing many developers to complain.

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