Sufferfest has released sports beer for athletes

<pre>Sufferfest has released sports beer for athletes

For those who can not enjoy sports exercises for no reason, without motivation, there is a pleasant incentive – a mug of ice beer after training. However, in the company Sufferfest Beer Company assure that this is in the past, and they are ready to go further. Here, a variety of beer has been developed that can successfully replace sports drinks.

The FKT Pale Ale series has recently expanded the range of the brewing company, which specializes in making beers for various “subcultures.” For example, here brewed gluten-free beer for connoisseurs of this diet and just low-calorie for those who do not want to get fat. There is beer with pollen of bees and mineral crumbs, for exotic lovers and much more. Now here's FKT Pale Ale – sports beer.

In its essence, this is a pail-ale, a light drink obtained by the method of horse fermentation, to which have added many useful components for physical exertion. In particular, up to 96 milligrams of sodium per can of beer, to fight the dehydration of cells and spasms during prolonged running and jumping. In this beer copies the properties of sports drinks for balancing electrolytes in the body.

The main thing in this beer is its taste, formed by a combination of a large dose of orange juice and black currant. According to the authors of FKT Pale Ale, such a kraft fruit-sports pale-ale is much more pleasant to drink than harsh and tasteless professional mixtures.

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