Technology Smarterware controls the freshness of products in the refrigerator

<pre>Technology Smarterware controls the freshness of products in the refrigerator

Modern Western civilization has many problems, but Ovie start-up authors drew attention to two specific ones: inattention to food and enthusiasm for digital technologies. While the person is completely absorbed in his smartphone, the purchased fresh products turn into rot.

With Smarterware technology, these problems will remain in the past. You buy products and put them in a container or catch a clip – and there, and there are label-controllers. They fix the date and type of the product, after which the countdown starts, until it can be considered fresh and edible. This data can be seen at any time in the application on a smartphone or other gadget in the home network.

The user will always know what and in what state of suitability lies in his refrigerator, the system will remind you to drink milk for half a day before sipping and will advise new dishes from the slightly wilted zucchini. True, there are no sensors and everything is based on virtual data entered into the system.

The safety signal is also duplicated on the indicator on the label itself and when you look in the refrigerator, you will see a cheerful illumination from green, yellow and alarm-red lights. The cost of a set of Smarterware for one family is promised at $ 60, you can see the technology in the matter right now at CES.

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