The auction sold a Soviet spy camera, disguised as a … camera

<pre>The auction sold a Soviet spy camera, disguised as a ... camera

Who first formulated the principle that the easiest way to hide something, leaving it in sight? When the workers of the Aston auction were preparing to sell lots from the old Soviet party of spy equipment, they were at first puzzled that among them a box with simple tourist cameras of the model KMZ Zenit-E SLR. No modern British specialist has guessed and they had to contact the manufacturer of Zenit.

The secret of the camera is that it is a camera in the camera – in the case of a typical and, by the way, quite working “Zenith” hidden legendary spy camera F-21 AJAX-12 for 21 mm film. Its lens was located under the strap of the main camera strap, and the latent camera was activated by a tiny button on the bottom of the case. Not knowing these subtleties, the outside observer would hardly have suspected anything.

Experts characterize this device as the tool of the most insolent and risky spies. Imagine that you are on a closed display of something where strict security requires the removal of cameras. You already attracted their attention and it does not weaken, so you defiantly close the lid of the main Zenith, click the lock and hang the camera around your neck, holding it with your hand. And then go and shoot at an angle of 90 degrees from yourself everything you want – a special mechanism itself turns the film and corrects the shutter.

The most surprising thing is that a half-century gadget works great and still, surprising the experts with a well-established mechanism. The camera in the camera was auctioned for $ 5300, as an example of clever engineering.

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