The device SkySpider will help to escape from a burning skyscraper

<pre>The device SkySpider will help to escape from a burning skyscraper

Three years ago, the idea of ​​a personal rescue device to escape from a skyscraper along the outer wall appeared material embodiment – a prototype of the SkySaver device. This is a backpack with a strong cable on the reel and an anchor, which must be fixed in the room. The evacuee himself gets out and smoothly descends on the unwinding cable.

Now SkySaver has a real competitor SkySpider, which is currently represented in the same name start-up and looks like a finished commercial product. It's the same backpack with a stainless steel cable reel, but the cumbersome anchor is replaced with a universal mounting carabiner, and the kit includes gloves, a flashlight, a respirator and a tool for opening the windows.

The length of the rope varies from 25 m to 90 m in the maximum configuration, while the SkySpider will weigh 9.5 kg and will easily withstand a man weighing up to 135 kg. Theoretically, this means the possibility of evacuation and two light people on the same device, but they will have to hold on tightly to each other, because the backpack is only worn on one. The unwinding speed of the rope is limited to 2 m per second to avoid the risk of impact during descent.

Another useful difference from the new SkySpider from SkySaver: it has a manual brake. If the situation is difficult, you can suspend the descent, go around the dangerous area and continue the movement. Or try to help someone who is less fortunate. The price of the basic version of SkySpider with a cable of 25 m in the stage of croweding is $ 539.

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