The European Union introduces a ban on the ten most common types of disposable plastic

<pre>The European Union introduces a ban on the ten most common types of disposable plastic

Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste are found in the waters of the World Ocean, causing him enormous environmental damage. Only Europe accounts for up to 25 million tons, of which less than 30% are processed.

It is not surprising that the European Union began to take measures to correct the current critical situation. In accordance with the proposed EU rules, the main attention will be paid to the most common types of disposable plastic, which account for up to 70% of all garbage.

The new rules apply to the entire EU zone and will primarily concern straws for cocktails, disposable dishes, balloons, padded disks, agitators, plastic beverage packages wherever they have an affordable alternative.

In addition, the rules will encourage producers who contribute to the costs of plastic waste management, as well as disseminating information about their negative impact on the environment. For this they will receive preferences for the development of safer products.

EU countries will be required to collect up to 90% of disposable plastic bottles by 2025 and develop instructions for the safe disposal of sanitary towels and wet wipes.

If these rules are implemented, the EU will be able to reduce by 2030 the negative impact on the environment, equivalent to 3.4 million tons of CO2. In monetary terms, the savings will amount to 22 billion euros. The proposals have already been sent to the European Parliament and the European Commission for consideration.

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