The first version of Android P Developer Preview was released

<pre>The first version of Android P Developer Preview was released

Having decided to wet the reputation of the insiders who released the first build of the Android P Developer Preview on March 14, Google released it already a week earlier. The update is intended exclusively for developers who have one of the compatible devices of the search giant at their disposal.

There are not so many known about the debut version of the Android P Developer Preview. Despite this, rumors of the native support of the updated OS asymmetric displays with a notch in the upper part, as well as the protection of compatible devices from the background activity of cameras and a microphone have already been confirmed.

In addition, the developers seriously worked on the notification system in Android P, adding support for harvested pre-responses in the style of “I'm busy. I'll call later “, a new API for the camera, allowing simultaneous processing of images from two or more modules, and the format of HEIF images.

Also note the built-in positioning system in the premises, based on the analysis of multiple Wi-Fi access points. Thanks to her smartphone, measuring the distance from one hotspot to another, will be able to navigate more effectively within shopping malls and other large areas.

Download Android P Developer Preview 1 at this link. Discuss the update can be in the official Telegram-chat

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