The flagship of Xperia in AnTuTu. All the same, “frameless”?

<pre>The flagship of Xperia in AnTuTu. All the same,

Smartphone users are waiting for MWC 2018 from many new devices and innovations. A number of companies will show their novelties there. Among them, and Sony, which is to please the public with its flagship device, which, as AnTuTu shows, is likely to become a trendy full-screen smartphone. However, it was also expected earlier that 2018 will become a significant redesign for Sony smartphones.

 Sony H8266 in AnTuTu

Sony can introduce the new flagship smartphone of its line of mobile Xperia devices at the upcoming mobile technology exhibition MWC 2018, which will be held in Barcelona in late February 2018. This upcoming flagship Xperia recently showed its characteristics in the Chinese benchmark AnTuTu. Thus, a lot has been allegedly known about him. In more detail, the new message was reviewed by Aman on the pages of the resource Many users are waiting for significant innovation from Sony and its new smartphones.

The device in question was revealed in a benchmark under the model number Sony H8266. One of the most notable features of the flagship smartphone not yet presented to the general public is that it will be based on the latest hardware platform Snapdragon.

The considered premium device will be equipped with a full-HD + display with a trend ratio of 18: 9, users “frameless.” Earlier the device in question appeared in the benchmark Geekbench, but there the aspect ratio of its display was marked as 16: 9, while in AnTuTu – 18: 9.

According to the listing AnTuTu, the forthcoming flagship, known today as the Sony H8266 model, will be equipped with a full-HD + screen with TRILUMINOS Display and X-Reality. Its resolution is 2160 x 1080 pixels. To date, there is no information about the size of the screen device. It is expected that the new flagship Sony Xperia will be equipped with a 6-inch display.

The new smartphone will be based on the mobile platform Snapdragon 845. This flagship chipset is equipped with an eight-core CPU and an Adreno 630 graphics processor. The volume of the new memory is 4 gigabytes. The capacity of its built-in storage can be 64 gigabytes. But the drive of this device can be significantly expanded due to the presence in the smartphone of the microSD memory card slot with capacity up to 256 gigabytes. The new flagship smartphone Sony Xperia will work out of the box under the operating system Android 8.0.0 Oreo, which is logical for the bonus device beginning of 2018. Other characteristics of a smart phone that is to be seen at the most significant exhibition of mobile technologies of the year were not shown in the AnTuTu benchmark.

However, some other features of Sony's flagship in 2018 are also supposedly known and viewed on the Web. It can offer consumers in two versions, differing in the number of supported SIM-cards. One version will support one SIM-card, the second – two SIM-cards. Each version of the flagship smartphone Xperia will be offered depending on the market on which it is sold.

Among the expected characteristics of one of the most interesting novelties of the smartphone market in the first half of this year is the IP65 / IP68 certification, which implies some protection of the device from water and dust. It is also expected that the size of the flagship smartphone in question will be (in millimeters) 157 (height) x 78 (width) x 8.1 (thickness). As it is typical for many modern smartphones, it will be large enough, but it is rather thin. This approach to the design of smart phones in recent years has become the most common. Weighing the smartphone Xperia, which will be shown to the public during the MWC 2018, will be 159 grams.

Of course, the modern flagship Android-phone is likely to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner. But users still have to wait in order to find out where this significant component of the modern digital device will be located. Usually, Sony had a fingerprint scanner on its side of the power control button in its devices.

The device, with which Sony will soon introduce a large user audience, will now be equipped with a battery whose capacity is either 3210 mAh or 3240 mAh . For the rapid charging of the smartphone, its battery will be supported by the charging technology Qnovo Adaptive Charging.

More information about the novelty can be learned during the MWC 2018, where not only Sony, but other companies will show their most interesting innovative innovations to the public. It should also be noted that the above specifications are based only on assumptions, and it is possible that the Xperia device, by which Sony will please its connoisseurs, will surprise users with a number of features that did not appear on the web until its announcement.

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