The Galaxy S8 + owners are the happiest of all Android users

<pre>The Galaxy S8 + owners are the happiest of all Android users

84% of owners of Galaxy S8 + are satisfied with their smartphone and do not think to change it to another. This follows from the report of the researchers of the consulting company ACSI, who compiled a rating of customer satisfaction depending on the mobile device that they are constantly using.

According to the research, 84% is the absolute result among all smartphones running Android. None of the models running on the base of the proprietary OS from Google, managed to get higher than last year's flagship Samsung, including the original Galaxy S8, which earned 1% less votes.


It is interesting that the level of satisfaction consumers of smartphones Apple, with the exception of the iPhone 7 Plus, is at a lower level. Even the iPhone X, according to ACSI research data, received only 80% of highly positive reviews, despite the official figure of 97%.

The sample does not contain data on the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, probably because these models are not so long ago available on the market and the researchers simply did not have time to take them into account when forming a consolidated rating. However, to expect that they will beat the smartphones of the previous generation, we would not.

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