The largest shipment of iPhone illegally transported by drones

<pre>The largest shipment of iPhone illegally transported by drones

Due to the fact that the iPhone in Hong Kong is sold cheaper than in mainland China, local customs officers often catch infringers who are trying to smuggle Apple's smartphones across the border. But if the iPhone is usually carried in bags or under clothing, this time, the law enforcement bodies of China caught the “fish” larger: the attackers nearly transported an iPhone with a total cost of $ 80 million.

According to the Reuters news agency, 26 suspects used drones – with their help, cybercriminals managed to move the iPhone and not pay a fee for the import of electronics. According to customs officials, the gang was operating mainly at night and could thus transport up to 15,000 Apple smartphones.

Detecting illegal “carriers” was again possible thanks to drones, through which the Chinese customs conducts monitoring of the territory. Each drone is equipped with a night vision system, and a picture from it is transmitted to a high-resolution monitor.

Customs officers catch violators who transport the iPhone, almost every week. The average batch size of 150 thousand dollars is about 150 iPhone X.

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