The magnetic field of the Earth is weakening, but it is not worthwhile to fear a revolution of the poles

<pre>The magnetic field of the Earth is weakening, but it is not worthwhile to fear a revolution of the poles

Scientists around the world are nervous about the strange behavior of the magnetosphere of our planet, which by all signs long ago had to make a landmark event – the change of the magnetic poles. But for some reason it is late, and since the last big coup, 780 thousand years have already passed, with a cycle length of 200-300 thousand years. At the same time, today we are fixing a serious weakening of the magnetic field – will this not be a harbinger of grandiose events?

The South Atlantic Anomaly is the greatest excitement – a conditional site located between Brazil and South Africa, a kind of “hole” or “dent” in the general magnetic field. Here its level is so low that it is necessary to disconnect satellites during the flight over this area, so as not to “roast” cosmic radiation. And the area of ​​the anomaly has been growing steadily since 1958.

Since mankind has densely entered the era of digital technologies and is highly dependent on the stability of the electromagnetic environment on the planet, many eminent pundits have studied the issue. Researchers from the University of Liverpool, the German Research Center for Geophysical Research GFZ and the University of Iceland have collected all the data on the “handwriting” of the latest global oscillations in the Earth's magnetic field in order to find frightening regularities there.

They found, but quite the opposite information. And 30 thousand years ago, and 50 thousand the magnetic field of the planet had a different form than today. And 46 thousand years ago it was weakened so much that the increased impact of cosmic radiation was reflected in the isotopes of chlorine and beryllium, and this lasted for 3 thousand years. That is, the strength and shape of the earth's magnetic field by geological standards have never been stable values, fluctuated all the time. But it was never a direct harbinger of a coup of the poles.

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