The main innovation of the iPhone and the flagship Huawei are also waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10

<pre>The main innovation of the iPhone and the flagship Huawei are also waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be one of the most powerful smartphones in 2019. In addition to modern design, the most innovative technologies from the market leader in smart phones will be used in it. It should be noted that one of the impressive features, which is likely to be characteristic of the Galaxy S10, has already debuted in new iPhones, previously presented by Apple, and is also expected soon in the upcoming flagship Huawei and will become its superiority over all Android smartphones. this year.

In the smartphone market, there has been a new competition – artificial intelligence. And we are talking not only about voice assistants, but also the desire of vendors to optimize various tasks, including image recognition and graphics rendering. This requires a special processor. And he will probably find use in the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S10. In more detail, the new message was considered by Victor (Victor) on the resource pages.

Artificial intelligence in Huawei, Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung

 NPU processors

It should be noted that it is difficult to name the hardware designed for these tasks mature, but the leading players in the smart phone market are eager to equip their flagships with it. It is reported that the South Korean technology giant has prepared a chip of its second-generation NPU (neural processor). And this was noted by various sources, including former employees of the company.

This means that the chip can debut already in the upcoming flagship Exynos 9820 chipset, intended for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line. He will also be able to handle the tasks that are currently being performed by the Vision Processing Unit (VPU) chip. At the same time – new hardware is better optimized and more multifunctional. However, in some markets, including the US market, Samsung offers its flagships with Qualcomm chipsets. Additionally, it is reported that Qualcomm is also considering the possibility of equipping its next flagship mobile platform, the Snapdragon 8150, with the NPU chip, the technical characteristics of which were discussed quite recently. . The Apple A12 Bionic chipset is equipped with an 8-core Neural Engine, capable of performing 5 trillion operations per second. Meanwhile, the Dual NPU Kirin 980 chipset (Huawei) can process 4,500 images in one minute.

However, today artificial intelligence is only to become an important technology for smartphones. It is expected that this will happen in the near future.

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