The Maldives are building the world's first underwater villa

<pre>The Maldives are building the world's first underwater villa

Designers and architects all over the world today are looking under water – advanced technologies allow them to realize fantastic projects that were impossible in the last century. One of these structures will be the semi-immersed hotel complex “Muraka” (“Coral”), which was designed by Ahmed Salem and is built by the New Zealand company MJ Murphy Ltd. Location – the resort of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

Muraka is designed as a large two-story structure, the lower half of which is 5 meters deep into the sea. It will accommodate a deluxe room: a bedroom with a huge bed, a bathroom and living room in the room with a huge curved acrylic window-wall, which gives a survey of 180 degrees on the underwater world. Go to the top floor – on the spiral staircase, the building uses a minimum of mechanisms and technologies.


Above there are a couple more bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room, an open terrace, a swimming pool, utility rooms, staff and guard rooms. The key nuance of the project is asceticism in interior design, a minimum of objects and decor elements. This hotel complex, as opposed to the rest, should create an atmosphere of peace and deep relaxation. Allow customers to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world into the ocean.

The maximum number of guests in Murak is 9 people. It is expected that the basic designs of the villa will be ready by November this year, and the guests it will be able to take, starting with the next. The cost of the rooms is not known, but in other, typical hotels of the resort, it is from $ 855 per night, so you can draw certain conclusions.

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