The most expensive AI startup of the world has grown rich on spying on citizens

<pre>The most expensive AI startup of the world has grown rich on spying on citizens

According to Bloomberg, in recent months, the Chinese company SenceTime has grown rich by $ 600 million, helping the government … monitor its own citizens.

The fact is that SenceTime specializes in the development of technologies for recognizing faces based on artificial intelligence. The company became successful in just 3 years – and the secret of such success is quite simple.

“If you've ever been photographed using a Chinese phone or walked the streets of Chinese cities,” Bloomberg notes, “then it's very likely that your appearance in digital form was in the SenceTime database associated with more than 100 million mobile devices “.

The company also actively cooperates with Honda, participating in the creation of autonomous vehicles, and the telecommunications giant Qualcomm expressed interest in installing a face recognition system for intelligent devices manufactured by the company.

The success of SenceTime is a serious bid for world leadership in the field of AI, which China intends to achieve by 2030. There are many factors contributing to the fact that the company's services will be in demand by millions of citizens of the Middle Kingdom in various fields.

According to CNBC, SenceTime plans to update its AI platform, create an infrastructure and “open new business opportunities.” This means further development of the software. Face recognition technologies are becoming more advanced, and it's increasingly difficult to deceive them. This, however, creates serious problems for those who are strongly against the intrusion into their personal lives.

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