The new HoMe hybrid foam combines the properties of wood and metal.

<pre>The new HoMe hybrid foam combines the properties of wood and metal.

In 2014, a new material was created under the code name “wood foam” at the Fraunhofer Wood Research Institute (Germany). The practical use of it was reduced to the ability to recycle wood waste in a new way instead of simple disposal. And to get a convenient material for insulation during construction, but during this time, the authors of the technology went further and added metal to the wood foam. It only remained to saturate it with gas under pressure, and then let it dry to form a foam material. Now, however, the researchers replaced the gas with metal – they cast a “sponge” with a lot of cells, where they added wood “kissel”.

After drying, the hybrid is “HoMe”, an acronym for the German expression “woody metal”. Very light, but at the same time durable composite, which in its mass consists of wood and therefore has its insulating properties. But the metal lattice passes through the entire thickness of the material, so it is – an electrical conductor. HoMe plates can be bent with a certain effort, they do not break, but at the same time it is easy to cut off a fragment of the desired size from them.

Yes, such a material is not resistant to the effects of the external environment, so its use is seen as insulation or for creating decorative elements. HoMe is bad enough to skip sounds, which allows it to be used as acoustic protection, for example, in transport. On the cost of the composite information yet.

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