The new iPhone will be called the iPhone XS. Here is his first image

<pre>The new iPhone will be called the iPhone XS. Here is his first image

At least one iPhone of the 2018 model year will be called the iPhone XS and will be performed in gold. This is reported 9To5Mac with reference to the exclusive render of the future smartphone, which will be used at the presentation on September 12.

Obviously, the image shows the so-called older versions with OLED displays and a frame made of stainless steel. In any case, it would be more logical to compare them with each other than with a more accessible model with simplified characteristics.

New iPhone

Earlier this spring, Apple registered several new iPhones at the Eurasian Economic Commission. It is assumed that three of them are the iPhone of the X line, while the fourth is the updated iPhone 7 with overclocked memory and lower price than the original price.

The presentation, on which Apple will definitively dispel all the rumors, will take place on September 12 at the Steve Theater Jobs. Despite the fact that the event officially starts at 20:00 Moscow time, will conduct a text broadcast, which will begin traditionally begins an hour earlier.

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