The next year will begin testing a cargo ship with sails from solar panels

<pre>The next year will begin testing a cargo ship with sails from solar panels

Japanese company Eco Marine Power announced for 2019 large-scale tests of technology “EnergySails” – power sails. The design is based on classic solar panels and rigid direct sails, which can capture and use the energy of two elements: wind and sun. It is worth noting that the Japanese are lagging behind their schedule, because the tests were originally scheduled for 2018.

Perhaps it's not in the sails themselves, but in the ships of Hisafuku Kisen, which are currently carrying out technical and economic tests to implement this technology ? A great test, which implies an intercontinental or round-the-world trip, can not be carried out on the first ship found. Managers and engineers need real, weighty data that energy sails provide benefits.

Final testing will take from 12 to 18 months, for which one or more large-capacity ships will be equipped with a set of sails, powerful batteries and a dynamic energy management system. To collect and use it in any conditions – day and night, in traffic and parking, in a storm and calm. Representatives of the company insist that the woven from the carbon fiber energy sails will withstand the worst weather.

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