The Pipe Tool turns a human voice into a musical synthesizer

<pre>The Pipe Tool turns a human voice into a musical synthesizer

Last year, the Russian company Soma Laboratory showed Pipe, a prototype of an electronic musical instrument of a new type. Now, after a series of improvements and improvements, it has grown to the level of a commercial product and goes on sale. This is an acoustic effects synthesizer that generates sounds using the energy of a person's voice.

The human voice itself is a powerful musical instrument, but our physiology limits the flight of creative thought. And Pipe allows you to create effects for which while there is only a title, but not a description: Orpheus, Filterra, Reverb, Pulse, BassDrum, Octava, Generator and Harcho. It is promised that in the final version will be added four more options, and the musician will receive “an unprecedented level of vocal processing.”

Structurally, Pipe is an analog of a wind pipe with acoustic filters, but here one should not blow the lungs, but act on the receiving microphone with a voice. On one side of the gadget there are buttons for selecting effects, with other adjustments to settings – with proper skill on Pipe you can play a whole melody. To make it more fun, even a backlight was added to the commercial version.

The cost of the novelty is considerable for a startup – 400-450 euros for a copy. At the moment, pre-order is open, Pipe supplies to stores are expected from the spring of this year.

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