The prices of HTC U12 + became known?

<pre>The prices of HTC U12 + became known?

The announcement of the upcoming flagship HTC U12 + will be held on May 23, 2018. And periodically on the Web there are additional alleged details about it. How much will the forthcoming bonus device, about which many have already heard more than once, cost? A probable answer to this question, which is of interest to many users, has already appeared on the Web.

 HTC U12 +?

In the note Ro (Ro), published by the resource with reference to the message, various variants of U12 +.

According to the report under consideration, the version with a 64-gigabyte built-in drive will cost approximately from 734 to 768 US dollars (in equivalent). The price of the model U12 +, which will be equipped with a 128-gigabyte built-in storage, will be approximately equivalent to 801-834 US dollars.

Connoisseurs of HTC products hope that the technical features and functionality of the new items, as well as its support for Quick Charge 4+ quick charging technology will make the device worthy offer on the market even against the background of other bright flagships.

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