The project “The Northern Star” sets a new path for the development of augmented reality

<pre>The project

Leap Motion Company announced ambitious plans to create a new augmented reality platform “North Star”, which will be based on almost all future applications. The reason is in an advantageous combination of low cost and high performance, which will allow the “Northern Star” to become a mass product.

A working – and very good – prototype already exists. It is stated that the cost of the device is about $ 100, and although it will certainly grow when a commercial version of the headset appears, it is still incomparable with $ 3,000 for Microsoft HoloLens. Even with the fact that a relatively powerful computer is still needed to serve the augmented reality system.


The main disadvantage of the headset at this stage is its size, it's not comfortable glasses, but a whole helmet. It has a pair of 3.5-inch LCDs with a resolution of 1600 × 1400 pixels, which provide the user an overview of 95 degrees vertically and 70 degrees horizontally. A very good indicator by today's standards, as well as a controller for the movement of hands on the hemisphere 180 degrees before the user.

In demonstration rollers, you can see an unprecedented accuracy of human interaction with virtual objects in augmented reality. For example, we press a finger on the button on the keyboard, and do not hit the big lever with the palm of your hand. The northern star actively blurs the boundary between the real and the digital world and can really become a breakthrough technology. Provided that Leap Motion will find investors who do not want to just absorb the startup without a trace. But even if so – the direction of the development of the industry is already set.

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