The Singapore solar quadrocopter is able to soar for hours

<pre>The Singapore solar quadrocopter is able to soar for hours

A student team from the National University of Singapore successfully tested the prototype of the “solar multicopter”. This flying machine has no source of energy, except sunlight. And this is the triumph of Professor Aaron Dunner, who since 2012 took part in eight graduate projects of students of different editions on this topic, step by step approaching the ideal realization of the idea.

The quadrocopter is constructed of carbon fiber, the whole construction weighs only 2.6 kg, although its area is more than 4 sq.m. Most of the surface of the machine is covered by solar panels, there are 148 of them. Unlike last year's version, in which there was also a small spare battery, this drone does not have any energy storage. He flies only on the energy of the sun, but he does it for hours until the sun sets.

In test flights it was possible to raise the solar quadrupter to a height of 10 m, plus the functions of automatic flight by GPS and landing were checked. The machine does not carry any useful load, it does not perform any tasks, it is a test sample for demonstrating the very fact of the possibilities of such a flight. Danner hopes that his concept will encourage fellow inventors to create hybrids, inspire them to develop machines that most of the energy is drawn directly from the hot rays of the Sun.

Singapore is proud to be the first in the world to master this idea, but five years ago British inventors already showed the world “Solarcopter”. Also a multi-copter, and also carries an array of solar panels, but it also has an emergency battery in case of force majeure. While the version of Singaporean students is completely dependent on wind and light.

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