The study showed that e-mail harms company executives

<pre>The study showed that e-mail harms company executives

Leaders constantly say that the most difficulties they have is managing their time. For this reason, Michael E. Porter and Nitin Nora of Harvard Business Review have launched the study. They monitored 27 company executives for three months to understand what is taking their time.

Leaders who participated in the study ran public companies at a total cost of $ 13.1 billion. Among them were two women and 25 men. The assistant to each leader was trained every 15 minutes to record the activities of his supervisor 24 hours a day. For each CEO, about 60,000 recorded hours were accumulated.

It turned out that the leaders were badly affected by the constant sending of copies of e-mails. They can not ignore them, but it is worth acknowledging that most of these letters do not require their attention and participation. They are coped with by other employees.

Each letter takes an average of six seconds. After this, it takes 25 minutes to get back to the previous level of performance that could have been observed before the letter arrived. For this reason, it is considered that such a tool as e-mail is heavily abused.

The authors of the study recommend that all managers establish strict standards on the use of e-mail and mentions in the copy of the address of the CEO. Filter messages could be an assistant manager, protecting his boss from the detrimental desire to follow absolutely everything.

Working with e-mail interrupts other activities, prolongs the working day, disrupts personal time and does not contribute to productivity. Many people begin to understand this. For this reason, a bill was even introduced in New York that prohibits requiring employees to check e-mail outside office hours.

It seems that e-mail is perceived as a serious problem for modern business. Soon messengers will follow her.

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