The TechDen device will help parents limit children's dependence on gadgets

<pre>The TechDen device will help parents limit children's dependence on gadgets

In many countries, parents are sounding the alarm: the dependence of children on gadgets is rapidly acquiring epidemic proportions. The question is no longer about the full “cure” of the younger generation, but only about how to limit this dependence. The TechDen device presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin IFA 2018 is another attempt to find an approach to solving this problem.

TechDen is a locking station and simultaneously a storage for two smartphones or tablets with a screen diagonal up to 26 cm. By downloading a special application for iOS or Android, parents are able to plan the daily use of children by mobile devices. In accordance with the “plan”, each of the children at certain times gets access to their gadget for a set time.

The information displayed on the screen tells the child how much time is left before the end of the “allowed” session. In this case, parents can control when and how the child used the mobile device, as well as monitor the frequency of its use. If the child systematically conforms to the established “standard”, then he has the right to demand from parents an incentive prize, for example, in the form of ice cream.

TechDen is currently undergoing a “promotion” on Kickstarter, where it can be purchased by making a deposit of $ 119, provided that one day its serial production begins.

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