The University of Thailand built a modern campus of marine containers

<pre>The University of Thailand built a modern campus of marine containers

The International Institute for the Study of Sustainable Development (Thailand) opens a new course for international students and has built an unusual campus specifically for these purposes. It serves as a vivid example of the most rational use of resources, as it is built from used sea containers, with minimal use of building materials and according to an innovative architectural scheme. In addition, it cost the institute very cheaply, which is constantly emphasized for guests.

Initially they wanted to build a campus with something very close to nature, such as bamboo mats or straw bricks, but then the project became multi-storey and the choice was stopped on metal containers. Builders only poured a concrete foundation and welded the containers to the supports, having fastened all the parts together. Some containers were cut and combined into large rooms, others became separate classes. Each sheet of metal, carved under a window or doorway, was then used somewhere else – for stairs, railings, racks, etc.

 Campus  Campus

Construction was carried out among the existing grove of 10 large trees and in addition to the rainy season, so they worked very carefully, the process was stretched for 9 months instead of one. The result was six classrooms, a conference room, a lobby and teachers' rooms, a training room, a library, a cafe and bathrooms. In the center of the complex there is a green area under the open sky – this ensures natural ventilation of the rooms, among which there are no closed corridors at all.

To prevent metal containers from overheating in the heat, they were covered with a layer of insulation from recycled plastic trash. The campus has refurbished air conditioners and has designed a forced passive ventilation system. And as the main source of light, natural daylight is used – students constantly on illustrative examples learn to rationally use available resources.

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