This application will help to identify Parkinson's disease at an early stage

<pre>This application will help to identify Parkinson's disease at an early stage

Progressive neurodegenerative brain disorder, known as Parkinson's disease, is rarely detected at an early stage, not allowing timely treatment to begin. As a rule, patients suffering from this disease, turn to doctors only when the opportunity to minimize damage is already lost. With the application of i-Prognosis, the risk of losing one's health will be less.


“Symptoms of Parkinson's disease in the early stages can be virtually indistinguishable and remain without attention, as the patient has no reason to go to doctors and do a brain imaging,” says Leontios Hadjilontidias, coordinator of the i-Prognosis project. – i-Prognosis offers a completely new approach to the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease by analyzing the behavior of users of mobile devices. “

The range of data required for i-Prognosis to detect signs of Parkinson's disease is quite wide. It includes voice vibrations, natural shaking of hands when interacting with a smartphone, a way to enter characters on the keyboard, a facial expression and even the content of sent text messages. To do this, the application needs access to the accelerometer, barometer, front camera, microphone and other sensors.

The abundance of privileges that an application requests can certainly scare many people who care about their right to privacy. Nevertheless, the developers emphasize, only so i-Prognosis will be able to make the most complete picture of your health and the signs of Parkinson's disease. The authors of the project are confident that this will be a small payment for the opportunity to start treatment when the ailment is still weak.

At the moment, the i-Prognosis application is available in the UK, Portugal, Germany and Greece. To upload it to your device, you'll need to change your payment account information on Google Play. Discuss this and other Android news in our Telegram chat room.

Appendix: iPrognosis Developer: i-PROGNOSIS EU H2020 funded project (GA No.690494) Category: Medicine Price: Free Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             50 people

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