This tweak turns incoming phone calls into Pokemon battles – Tech News

A screenshot of the PokeCall tweak that turns a normal call screen into a battle.

Just to be clear, we do not condone jailbreaking your smartphones, but this story is too cute to not be shared.

Reddit user FrozenPenguinToaster developed a jailbreak tweak for iOS that is perfect for all Pokemon fiends. According to The Verge, the tweak aptly named PokeCall transforms a boring ol 'incoming call screen into a fun “battle” reminiscent of the classic Pokemon Game Boy games. Of course, the classic theme song is there to boot.

Although PokeCall is still under development, it is still functional. When receiving a phonecall, the screen would show the message “Trainer (caller's name) wants to battle”, and the recipient has the option to either “fight” (answer the call) or “run” (decline the call). [19659002]

On the Reddit thread, developer FrozenPenguinToaster says that users will be able to “change the trainer sprite and Pokemon to whatever you like, which will help identify (the caller)”. That means you can assign specific trainer appearances for the various contacts on your smartphone, and also choose the pokemon that they will use to fight when they call.

FrozenPenguinToaster also adds that there will be more additions to the tweak the works for iOS 10 and 11 users, and depending on how difficult the work is, for the iOS 9 users as well.

Once again, we would like to state that we do not support jailbreaking, and only hope that FrozenPenguinToaster would make this available for the mainstream … and uhm, Android users.

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