This will be Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Alas, not impressive.

<pre>This will be Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Alas, not impressive.

Samsung is preparing to release Galaxy Note 9. Officially, Koreans will present the smartphone on August 9 at a special event. There is no doubt that we will not see any significant changes in the lineup, and a fresh official render is a confirmation.

Sources of colleagues from androidheadlines shared the official rendering of Galaxy Note 9. It looks like this:

As you can see, special device did not receive any new features. The front panel of Note 9 completely repeats the one in Note 8. All the sensors are located in the same places. The only minor difference may be a thinner frame from the bottom.

According to rumors, Note 9 will get a 6.4-inch display instead of a 6.3-inch display in Note 8, so a thinner lower frame fits perfectly with the rumors. In addition, this way the company will be able to leave the old case base.

Samsung decided not to bother with this year and release smart phones with minor improvements. This does not mean that Samsung does not have resources, the company simply uses its resources for other purposes. And, as you may have guessed, it's about the Galaxy S10 and the folding Galaxy X. So initially, on Note 9, you should not put much hope.

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