Thousands of crypto-currency projects are already dead

<pre>Thousands of crypto-currency projects are already dead

Two sites that actively catalog failed crypto projects, Coinopsy and DeadCoins, found that more than 1,000 projects were defeated in 2018. Projects are ranging from simply abandoned to frank skam. It is not surprising that the institutes are actively developing rules for the regulation of crypto-currencies, the SEC is followed with a sinking heart at the hearings, and large social networks prohibit their advertising.

Although many admit that a start-up may fail, public collection of funds through massive release of tokens attracts huge amount of funds. When a startup gets a large supply of “fuel” in its hands, it can burn out, which is not good either for the company or for investors.

This burnout is everywhere and is a global phenomenon. Fraudulent and dead ICO attracted 1 billion dollars in 2017. There are dubious organizations that specialize in repairing the failed ICO, but the long-term nature of many such organizations does not bode well for the industry.

Start-ups attracting funds to the ICO account are currently using multi-level marketing tactics to develop their business. Instead, they would have to use sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. These crowd-hosting platforms have taught people to trust new start-ups. Unfortunately, the ICO industry is developing much faster than responding (to respond correctly) to a different kind of institution.

What can be done? Invest only what you are willing to afford to lose, and expect that any token in which you invest may fail. Do your own research. Expect an understatement. In the coming years, tens of thousands of ICO will be conducted and the world will move to blockhouses, it remains only not to be disappointed with them.

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