Tokamac Energy's experimental reactor managed to reach the temperature of the Sun

<pre>Tokamac Energy's experimental reactor managed to reach the temperature of the Sun

An example of an unlimited source of energy is the process of nuclear fusion taking place on the Sun (and other stars), resulting in the temperature of the luminary surface reaching 1.5 million, and the core is heated up to 13.5 million degrees Celsius. In terrestrial conditions, such gigantic temperatures can be achieved only with the help of a special tokamak reactor.

Scientists of the newly established British company Tokamac Energy have made significant progress in this direction. Using the installation ST40, they were able to “warm up” it to 15 million degrees Celsius, which is commensurate with the temperature inside the solar core.

Briefly, the reaction of nuclear fusion consists in the fact that the light nuclei of deuterium and tritium, when combined, form heavier helium nuclei with the release of a gigantic amount of thermal energy.

Tokamac Energy's specialists hope to achieve success through the so-called compression fusion process, when currents flowing through two symmetrical coils form two plasma rings around them.

If you reduce the current in the coils to zero, then these plasma rings, connecting with each other, form one. In the process of combining the rings, a huge amount of energy is released, heating the plasma.

The goal of British scientists is to bring the plasma temperature from 15 million to 100 million degrees and make the research project commercial by 2030.

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