Transparent touch screen XG will allow you to manage digital content

<pre>Transparent touch screen XG will allow you to manage digital content

Touch Innovation Company presented the next novelty – a transparent touch screen control XG, intended for demonstration of digital video images in luxury rooms.

The device with a touch screen XG (39 inches diagonally) with a transparent visor is developed in two versions – with an integrated computer and without it. It comes with a multifunctional Emulator 2 software for controlling MIDI applications.

In the opinion of the developers, XG will be particularly delighted with the DJs. It will also find use in museums, exhibition halls, shopping centers and hotels. Touch Innovation advertised that this latest system has “the most elegant setting to date, connecting us to the world of digital images, while maintaining high performance for any use case.”

An inclined transparent screen, which is a “seamless” extension of the glass enclosure, provides an upward projection of 39 inches diagonally across the projector at the base of the device. It is reported that the included display glows “brighter than any other touch screen system.” An upward projection system is capable of registering up to 10 simultaneous touch points.

XG is developed in two versions – XG Pro with a built-in computer priced at $ 6,895 and XG Life without a computer – for $ 5,999. Release of the gadget is scheduled for the end of January.

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