Trekking stick, which also cleans water

<pre>Trekking stick, which also cleans water

If you like hiking, then you will definitely need two things – trekking sticks and a water filter. The PurTrek device, developed by South American entrepreneur Kyle Stringham, combines these two necessary tourist accessories.

PurTrek is housed inside a conventional telescopic trekking stick that is used for its intended purpose during the trip. Once at the water source, the user attaches a filter to the lower part of the filter, immerses it in water, and it turns into a device for two-stage water purification. To do this, you need to unlock the handle and start to pump, as an ordinary bicycle pump.

Purified water passes through a silicone tube attached to the top of the device and then you can drink water directly from the tube or fill the tank with a container. PurTrek cleans water from dirt, sand, filters out almost 100% of harmful bacteria and the simplest microplastic particles. Its resource is up to 500 liters.

Kyle Stringham posted a fundraising campaign to produce PurTrek on Kickstarter, where he can be ordered for $ 99. The estimated retail price will be already 179 dollars. If successful, the device will go on sale in February 2019.

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