Try these alternative mobile browsers for more speed and privacy – Tech News

Most smartphone users will make do with their phone's default browser, be it Safari or Chrome. But lesser-known alternatives like Brave and Via offer more speed and privacy. — dpa
Whether it's functionality, privacy or customization, there are many reasons for a smartphone users not to just use a pre-installed browser. Looking for an alternative often pays off.

Two lesser-known browsers recently won the approval of testers with German tech magazine Connect.

The speedy browser Brave (iOS / Android) impressed testers with many privacy settings activated by default and a large selection of the search engines, while the equally fast of the way (Android) was lauded for its small size and tidy design.

It does not take more than a megabyte of memory space and still manages to pack in a number of useful features such as a pop-up blocker, night mode and scrolling using volume keys.

Meanwhile Brave does not just block pop-ups and third-party cookies by default. fingerprinting. In such cases, advertising networks will not identify you through conventional means like cookies.

Instead, they will use parameters such as the display resolution or system language. HTTPS connections wherever they are available. – dpa

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