Twitter-client “Talon” is now Open Source


Talon is a fairly popular Twitter client. But the fate of third-party customers is now vague. Twitter is trying its best to limit its API. Earlier, we wrote that on June 19, third-party clients would stop receiving Push notifications, and automatic tape updates would also be lost. The reason for this is another limitation of the Twitter API. Against this backdrop, the publication of the Talon source code on GitHub looks more like a desire to finally share its experience with everyone.

On the transition of the application to the status of Open Source, the developer stated in his blog:

Today I take the next step. The first version of Talon has been Open Source for years, and now I'm glad to report that the Talon version with Material Design also turns into an Open Source status:

Extensive users in such a step will not find anything new for themselves. Talon will still be available on Google Play. However, for developers this news is quite pleasant, because, as a rule, all projects are built on the basis of open source applications, and Talon is no exception. According to the developer, he used the work of other programmers when creating Talon, so this step is a kind of gratitude to the community and a desire to help other programmers.

Application: Talon for Twitter Developer: Luke Klinker Category: Social Version: 7.2.6 Price: 199 rubles. Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             0 people

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