Twitter wants to destroy third-party clients. Developers Tweetbot and Talon are looking for support

<pre>Twitter wants to destroy third-party clients. Developers Tweetbot and Talon are looking for support

Twitter has recently been negative in relation to third-party customers. For example, third-party applications do not have access to a number of useful functions, such as polls, for example. A few years ago, the company made a limitation on the number of API tokens per application, which caused the developer of Flamingo to close the project later.

In December 2017, Twitter announced that in June 2018 the company would close the streaming API, and on its Change will come Account Activity API. However, this API is available only to large companies, and all small developers do not have access to it.

On April 6, developers of clients such as Tweetbot, Talon, Tweetings and Twitterrific launched the apps-of-a-feather website, which details and explained in simple language what happens in the relationship between developers of third-party clients and Twitter:

After June 19, 2018 Twitter streaming services will be closed. This means that:

  • Push notifications in third-party clients will no longer be received
  • The tape in third-party clients will not be updated automatically

Twitter has not provided developers of Talon, Tweetbot, Tweetings and Twitterrific with the necessary tools for adaptation for a year (19659003) The new Account Activity API is in beta status, but third party developers do not have access to this API, time is running out.

After the publication, many Twitter users began to publish tweets indignantly, adding a hasht g «BreakingMyTwitter».

Several hours later, Twitter has responded to the statement by a third-party client developers. The Twitter developers account (@TwitterDev) stated that the date of the termination of the work of the streaming API has been shifted for an indefinite period.

Thus, by common efforts it was possible for some time to postpone the death of third-party clients. After all, the absence of push notifications and automatic updating of the tape will result in the fact that third-party clients simply will not be needed by ordinary users.

Twitter policy in the latter raises questions. Why put pressure on developers who make your service popular?

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