Unusual paper catalog Magik Book taught to work in conjunction with the tablet

<pre>Unusual paper catalog Magik Book taught to work in conjunction with the tablet

The amount and type of information displayed to the user directly depend on the format of the device, and therefore the search for compromises between the amount of data and the size of the gadget does not stop. Someone focuses on augmented or virtual reality, and the authors of the Portuguese startup Magik Book offered to combine a typical paper advertising booklet and smartphone. Here's how it works.

Paper pages contain information printed on them, plus “advanced magnetic field-based technology” elements that are needed to communicate with the tablet. Neither batteries, nor Bluetooth, nor wires – the cover of the booklet serves as a support for the tablet, and pages can be scrolled, as in a regular book. With each move, the device synchronizes with the tablet, and interactive information on what's on the page is displayed on its screen.

For example, if we are talking about advertising cars, then on paper the user will see a detailed snapshot of the model, and on the screen of the tablet will be able to see its versions in different colors, with this or that tuning, read the characteristics, or immediately go to the online store for purchase. Yes, you need to pre-install the application for contact with Magik Book, and for business owners – subscribe to Creator, a virtual directory editing tool.

Magik Book is conceived as a tool for exhibition halls, galleries and other places where it is necessary to provide a maximum of information about the goods and services to each client, without interfering with the rest. The combination of a real, tangible element in the form of a paper booklet, and an infinite virtual component in the memory of the tablet, the startup authors are positioned as a way to stand out among those who want to completely switch to electronic presentation tools. There is no information about the price of Magik Book yet.

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