Update for Hearthstone “Witch Forest”

<pre>Update for Hearthstone

The Crow Year in the Hearthstone card game began, and the first addition of 2018, “The Witch Forest”, can already be tested by updating the game client. Announced in March, the addition contains 135 new maps, many of which with new keywords that change the principles of the game in a match with other players. A mode for one player has also been added, but it will appear only after two weeks.

And once in Hearthstone a new year has begun, players can say goodbye to the old sets of cards, now they will be available only in free mode of the game. “Old Gods”, “Karazhan” and “Gadgetzan” are written off, and the maps of these additions can no longer be used in standard games.

Two new keywords on the cards, which are worth paying attention to in this add-on, are “Echo” and ” Onslaught. ” Cards with “echoes” can be played many times in one turn (while you have mana), and cards with “onslaught” can attack the creatures of the opponent in the same turn that they played (but not heroes). Also added are two legendary creatures that will automatically improve the strength of the hero at the start of the game if there are only cards with odd or even odds in your deck.

Even if you do not plan to dive in addition right now, at least just go in because until July 11, each player will receive three free decks of “Witch Forest” and an occasional legendary girl. We know that you are playing.

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