Update Google Photos. What did the application learn?

<pre>Update Google Photos. What did the application learn?

At the end of May, Google updated the platform for photos. The program has learned to love favorite photos, add them to favorites and share pictures with friends. The engineers of the company continue to work – now Photos has become even smarter.

Updates are not yet available for all smartphone owners, says Phone Arena. The users who received the update told about the improved principle of organizing photos. Now Google Photos will group pictures taken at approximately the same time, or those that contain the same objects.

After grouping the pictures, they will appear in the gallery as a thumbnail of a folder with several images. The corresponding icon will be seen in the upper right corner.

In addition, the application will prompt which pictures look better than others. The algorithm will help you determine the favorites for the platform. The selected images will be marked with an asterisk

The details of the update and the prospects for the application are traditionally discussed in the Telegram channel of AndroidInsider.

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